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Find kids recipes that are easy, quick and cheap. Search for fun recipes for cooking with kids including kids healthy cooking recipes and craft and science recipes.

Get the kids in the kitchen and making these fun recipes that will keep both their hands and brains busy!

It’s hard to believe you can make such delicious and delectable dishes with just two ingredients but you can! Recipes such as 2-ingredient pizza dough, 2-ingredient Nutella cake and 2-ingredient pancakes are the proof. Best get cooking.

Take three ingredients and turn them into magical concoctions which taste fantastic and look impressive. Wow everyone - including yourself - with goodies such as 3-ingredient mini muffins, 3-ingredient lemon tarts and 3-ingredient chicken casserole.

Get the kids in the kitchen to help them learn about cooking and science at the same time. Try these cool cooking experiments including making lemonade scones, volcano cake and ice cream in a can. Fun and yum!

One of the best things about camping is that everyday activities become a fun adventure – especially cooking! Here are some fun camping recipes you should definitely test out next time you and the kids hit the open road.

No-bake recipes provide a perfect introduction to the kitchen for littlies. Some of these ideas are super easy, others will require just a tiny bit of adult assistance. No matter what you make, all these ideas are yum!

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